A new narrative about the energy transition. How? Like this!

“Van HOE naar ZO”, best translated as “From How to Like This!” is a campaign and online platform designed to engage residents of North Holland in the energy transition. The need to shift to sustainable energy sources is clear. The main question of the transition is: How are we going to pull this off ? Besides a lot of ‘How?’, there is also a lot of ‘Like This’. The campaign connects those asking: How then? with the people, municipalities, and businesses demonstrating: ‘Like this!’ Changency built the campaign from scratch: from research and concept development to implementation and production

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Energieregio Noord-Holland

What Design Can Do, Kennisland

Municipalities, water boards of the province Noord-Holland, Energie Samen, Liander

2021 –


Van Hoe naar Zo


Research report (NL)

The Challenge

How can you provide people with the perspective and starting points that make the conversation…

…about the energy transition not only about its inevitability but also about the benefits and opportunities?

Insight & Strategy

The energy transition is not just a financial and technical challenge but also a social one…

…It may be difficult at times, but the shift to sustainable energy also brings plenty of opportunities. It is therefore crucial that everyone can participate. Focus on a collective effort rather than individual behavior change. Demonstrate that governments, social organizations, large and small businesses are also making the transition.

Creative Concept

The ‘why’ of the energy transition is no longer a question. It’s now about the ‘How?’ And that question consists of a thousand questions…

How do we decide together where those wind turbines will be placed, for example? How do we make our homes and neighborhoods more sustainable? And how are we going to pay for all of this?

Fortunately, there is also a lot of ‘Like This!’. Residents, energy cooperatives, entrepreneurs, and municipalities throughout North Holland are already setting a good example. With this campaign, we connect those asking: How then? with the people showing: ‘Like this!’

Poster campaign
Wind turbines in the view? That’s how they do it in Koggenland!
Not enough skilled professionals for the energy transition? That’s how they do it at Horizon College!
What can you do as a neighborhood? That’s how they do in Amsterdam South-East!

No own roof, still solar panels? That’s how they do it in Haarlem!

Platform vanhoenaarzo.nl


A campaign and online platform with inspiring stories and concrete action perspectives for residents, businesses, and municipalities…

…The campaign includes videos, posters, blog articles, and social media posts. The communication does not have one central sender. The campaign is white label: anyone who shares the stories or puts their own spin on them is the sender. That’s why all campaign materials are available to everyone in the form of a communication toolkit.


The goal of the campaign is to provide municipalities, water authorities, energy cooperatives, and other stakeholders in North Holland with the means…

…to engage in conversations with residents about the possibilities and opportunities of solar and wind energy. And thus accelerate the implementation of the regional energy transition in North Holland.

At the beginning, four municipalities, two energy cooperatives, and one grid operator joined the campaign and actively shared the communication materials. In the follow-up campaign (started in the fall of 2023), more than ten municipalities joined, and the campaign went nationwide. 

About the Client

The RES (Regional Energy Strategy) Program Office assists all involved parties in implementing the RES in North Holland…

….They guide the governance process, connect stakeholders, and provide substantive support.

The campaign “From How to Like This” is the result of extensive research, including interviews with leading experts and co-creation sessions with residents, municipalities, energy cooperatives, scientists, and creative makers.