How we drive change

Changency’s approach is focused on embedding art and design in policy-making and transition strategy. We aim to stimulate  the capacity for imagination in everyone involved in change processes. Whether it’s communicating visions and projects, designing citizens participation, or developing sustainable materials, products, services, and spaces.


Change the narrative

Inspire action

Creating stories and campaigns that question the existing norms, offer hopeful futures perspectives and ignite action.

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Change the process

Make everyone part of the solution

Stimulating the imagination of everyone involved in change processes by embedding artists and designers in action research.

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Change the product

Design attractive alternatives

Deploying creative makers as catalysts for the development of products, services, and spaces that are beneficial for both people and the environment.

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Change the numbers

Make societal values count

Measuring and evaluating the impact of projects based on the social and ecological benefits they bring about.

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Integral approach

We see the four above mentioned approaches as interlocking components of a cohesive, cyclical whole. In practice, we often go through the entire design cycle with our partners.

  1. Change begins with a new perspective, a new story. What guiding vision or firm conviction fuels your desire to instigate change? How do the words and images you choose inspire others?
  2. What process do you design to develop your story or intervention? And how do you ensure that everyone involved is motivated to contribute to the solution?
  3. How do you arrive at an appealing alternative? What are the conditions for designing a product, service, or spatial solution that stand out, yet enjoys the support of its users?
  4. How do you measure the social and ecological value of your intervention? What societal cost-benefit considerations underlie the project?
  5. And to complete the circle: How does the result contribute to the story you want to tell?