An open platform for pioneers in the Doughnut Economy

Doughnut Economics is becoming an increasingly important source of inspiration for individuals, organizations, and cities working towards a socially and ecologically sustainable society. In 2020, the Amsterdam Doughnut Coalition (ADC) was established as a platform with the goal of connecting local changemakers, making joint efforts visible, and thereby helping the region to ‘get ‘into the doughnut’.

In collaboration with graphic designer Mark – Machine – Klaverstijn, we developed a visual identity and communication toolkit in 2021 that underpins  the coalition’s open structure.

Change the narrative

Amsterdam Donut Coalitie

The municipality of Amsterdam, Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, Olympia, Pakhuis de Zwijger, The Green Hub, Innomics, Yes&More, Donut Bakkerij

2021 –


Amsterdam Donut Coalitie


The doughnut economy is a work in progress; it is about learning by doing. In Amsterdam and numerous other cities worldwide, people are collaborating….

…and exploring what the doughnut means for their organization, neighborhood, or city. How do you develop a visual style that does justice to the open, exploratory nature of the movement?

Insight & creative concept

In her book Doughnut Economics, author Kate Raworth says: “The most powerful tool in economics is not money…

…nor even algebra. It is a pencil. Because with a pencil you can redraw the world.”

The cover of her book features a doughnut drawn with white chalk on a blackboard. The sketch, the unfinished, and the collaborative building of a new movement became the central building blocks of the ADC’s visual identity. To emphasize the work in progress, design elements such as graph paper, handwritten fonts, and colorful sticky notes were chosen.

The feeling conveyed by the website is that of a pinboard where various ideas, images, and texts can be pinned. This open and accessible structure is reflected in practice: the majority of the content on the website comes from the community, including projects, news articles, calls to action, and events.

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Poster Donut Festival 2022
Poster Donut Festival 2023

Impression Donut Festivals 2021-2023


The visual identity extends beyond the website to designs for social media and an open communication kit, including presentation templates that all ADC members can use…

Every year, we contribute creatively to the Donut Festival organized by the ADC since 2021. Pioneers showcase how the doughnut economy works in practice at various locations in the city: in neighborhoods, with the municipality, in businesses, and educational institutions. Changency manages the communication annually and developed the blueprint for various events and co-design workshops. In 2023, we created the visual identity for Global Donut Day – a spin-off of Amsterdam Donut Day, where 30 groups and networks worldwide organize local Donut Festivals on the same day.


Since 2020, more than 1300 members have joined the Amsterdam Donut Coalition, over a hundred donut initiatives have been posted on the platform…

…and 150 small and large donut events have been organized. In 2023, ADC developed a multi-year programme in co-creation with the Municipality of Amsterdam, the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, Olympia employment agency, and various program partners.