Change the numbers


Make Societal Values Count
We measure the impact of projects based on the societal and ecological value they deliver. From the (potential) reduction of greenhouse gasses and resource use to the regeneration of ecosystems and the enhancement of social connection and human well-being. In doing so, we employ both evidence-based and experimental methods to define, monitor, and evaluate impact.

Libraries as thriving democratic spaces: The Europe Challenge.

Communications Programme design

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Change the narrative

Inspire action

Creating stories and campaigns that question the existing norms, offer hopeful futures perspectives and ignite action.

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Change the process

Make everyone part of the solution

Stimulating the imagination of everyone involved in change processes by embedding artists and designers in action research.

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Change the product

Design attractive alternatives

Deploying creative makers as catalysts for the development of products, services, and spaces that are beneficial for both people and the environment.

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