Change the narrative


Inspire Action
We create stories and campaigns that challenge the status quo, heighten the sense of urgency, provide hopeful future perspectives, and spur into action. We do this in collaboration with writers, visual artists, campaign strategists, and media specialists. The overarching goal: propel social and ecological transitions, nationally, in the city, or in the region.

A new narrative about the energy transition. How? Like this!

Action research Communications

Libraries as thriving democratic spaces: The Europe Challenge.

Communications Programme design

An open platform for pioneers in the Doughnut Economy

Communications Programme design

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Change the process

Make everyone part of the solution

Stimulating the imagination of everyone involved in change processes by embedding artists and designers in action research.

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Change the product

Design attractive alternatives

Deploying creative makers as catalysts for the development of products, services, and spaces that are beneficial for both people and the environment.

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Change the numbers

Make societal values count

Measuring and evaluating the impact of projects based on the social and ecological benefits they bring about.

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